Egeray (ENGLİSH)

Egeray is the name of the current rail transportation project underway in İzmir. It is the largest transportation project in the history of the Turkish Republic. Egeray consists of upgrading the existing rail lines around İzmir to create a modern, rapid commuter rail system, extending the İzmir Metro to Bornova’s center, Fahrettin Altay then D.E.Ü. Kampüs, Buca and Otogar, and building several new Tram lines in the city. The project began in 2006 and is expected to be finished by 2017[1]. The project will also integrate bus and ferry line connections with metro and commuter rail lines.

İZBAN A.Ş. is a company that is currently operating two commuter rail lines in İzmir:

Alsancak-Cumaovası (Southern Line)
Alsancak-Aliağa (Northern Line)

İZBAN was created jointly by the Turkish State Railways and the İzmir Municipality and is the only company in Turkey to be owned by the State railways and a city municipality. İZBAN started operation of its Southern Line on August 30, 2010, operation of its Northern Line began on December 5, 2010 (Alsancak-Çiğli) and finally opened to Aliağa on January 31, 2011. İZBAN is planned to be extended to Bergama and Selçuk.

İzmir Metro
The İzmir Metro is currently an 11.6 km (7.2 mi) long, single line system, operating between Üçyol and Bornova. Operation started on August 25, 2000 and was Turkey’s 2nd metro system after Ankara’s. The Egeray project will expand the İzmir Metro:

Üçyol-Fahrettin Altay (Under Construction)
Bornova-Bornova Merkez (Under Construction)
Fahrettin Altay-Narlıdere (Planned)
Halkapınar-Otogar (Planned)
Üçyol-9 Eylül University (Planned)

Construction to Fahrettin Altay and Bornova Center is expected to be finished in February 2011. Once the construction is complete, construction of the other lines will begin.

İzmir Tramways

Between 2010-2017, 4 tram lines are to be constructed:

Halkapınar-Fahrettin Altay
Şirinyer-9 Eylül University

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